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Our Address

Fremont NE

Robinhood Archery Club

447 ½ N. Main Street

Fremont NE 68025


For information about the club or tournaments contact any of the Officers listed below:

PRESIDENT                         Darryl Johannssen              402- 720-4948                 
VICE PRESIDENT                Kevin Hernes                      402-427-7309
TREASURER                       Chris Johannesen              402-727-1842 
MEMBERSHIP                     Mike Fricke                         402-317-0790 
INDOOR TOURNEYS          Darryl Johannssen              402- 720-4948
3D TOURNAMENTS            Darryl Johannssen              402- 720-4948
INDOOR RANGE                 Brad Johannesen                402-727-1842
BEGINNER CLASSES         Mike Fricke                         402-317-0790
YOUTH JOAD                      Brad Johannesen                402-727-1842
BOARD OF DIRECTORS:   Dave Kerschinske               402-721-2366
                                             Carl Nielson                        402-720-7160 
                                             Mike Fricke                          402-317-0790

Membership Information
Robinhood Archery Club Memberships renew October 1st of each year. 

All members are encouraged to take an active part in the club.  Indoor and outdoor tournaments provide the bulk of our operating money and keep our membership dues low. 

Current membership is $85 per year plus a one-time key deposit of $10.  Membership includes spouse and minor children.  Come to our next monthly meeting if you are interested in joining!

The lock is changed each October.  In order to get a new key, your membership must be paid in full.

If you are renewing or a new member and need to exchange or pick up your keys - you may do so before or after league times or classes, or you will have to arrange another time by contacting the membership coordinator or another officer.
Locker rental is also due October 1st of each year- lockers that are not paid for will have locks cut off so that others can rent them!  
Membership forms: (you can fill out and mail or bring to the range)
Membership Form
RAH Waiver / Release