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Robinhood Archery Membership
Robinhood Dues are $85 + one time $10 key deposit for new members. If you have questions or to join make contact me at 402-317-0790 or come to one of the leagues or JOAD times.
Mike Fricke - Membership Director

Looking for local archery activities?  Check out our Tournaments page that features our local shoots.  Even if you've never gone to a competition before, there are always people ready to help you "learn the ropes" at these events and they always have participants of all ages and experience levels, so don't be shy!  It's a great way to have fun and meet new people. 

Hunter Education information can be found at  Bowhunter education certification is required for ages 12 through 29, and recommended for everyone new to bowhunting.  Hunters ages 12 through 29 must carry proof of certification while hunting.

Leagues & Classes
Fall 2020 Leagues and Classes:

If you are interested in any of the Classes or leagues just come

to the range the first night.

JOAD/ Adult Instructional League

Starting September 29th JOAD/Adult Instructional League class begins at 7:00pm for ten weeks.
Cost is $35 - register the first night  Adults and youth are both welcome.
Archers shoot from 20 yards and earn pins as they progress up the scoring levels.  Participants earn pins as they progress through the scoring scale.  Each class begins with a lesson, practice, and then a ten-end scoring
session, three arrows each end for a total of 300 possible points.  Equipment is available for use.  If you want to improve your archery skills, join us.
The class is taught by Brad Johannesen, Level 3 instructor,
Chris Johannesen, Level 2 instructor.  

Beginners Instructional League

Starting September 24th Beginning Instructional Class begins at 6:30pm for seven weeks.  Cost is $14 for members, $25 for non-members.  Archers shoot from 7 yards; awards are given the last week for league-type scoring winners. All youth earn medals or trophies.  This class teaches basic form and safety.  This class is taught by Mike Fricke, Dave Kerschinske  Level 2 instructors.  Contact Mike Fricke 402-317-0790 for more information.  Bring your masks as we will be wearing them when not shooting and practicing social distancing.  

Adult Indoor Target League
Starting October 5th, Adult Indoor 300 target league begins at 7:00pm
for ten weeks.  Cost is $35. We will  shoot NFAA style targets.  Scoring will be handicapped to give everyone a chance. Cost is $35 for members and $45 for non members. Watch this site and facebook for exact date and more info as it becomes available.